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I am an author, motivational speaker, preacher, registered nurse, certified Wellness Coach and your biggest cheerleader! I am motivated and find my purpose by helping others RISE up from any defeats, get closer to God, and discover self through empowerment. My life has been no crystal stair, and neither has yours- so let’s RISE and SHINE together, in Christ.

Our Mission


RISE “Reclaiming Identity through Self-Empowerment” in Christ, is focused on creating a movement of individuals who desire to RISE above their obstacles in order to pursue their passion and purpose in life. It also seeks to revive the faith of believers who are wanting to establish authentic relationships with God.


The vehicle in which this is accomplished is by promoting holistic self- empowerment of the mind, body, and spirit. Through active engagement and community service, RISE also strives to address the immediate needs of the community.

Raw and authentic conversations with used to be outstanding women, now with men too, who have used their life experiences to grow, heal, and RISE, unapologetically. A place where men & women leave perfection at the door. Join us for insightful conversations, uplifting stories, and practical tips for living your best life. Listen to RISING with Christian podcast today, and let’s rise together!



This channel is a space to discover your “why” and ways to get you there. I am a multi-purposed millennial who refuses to stay in a box. On my channel you will find discussions on purpose, lifestyle management, holistic wellness ,and faith (I love Jesus!). I believe that we are all created to leave our marks on the world and this channel with serve you with a dose of motivation and clarity along the way.

Immersive retreats are designed to rejuvenate your spiritual wellbeing. Our retreats are centered around Christian teachings and practices, and provide a supportive environment for you to deepen your connection with God, reflect on your faith, and grow in your spiritual journey. Join us for a transformative retreat that will help you find peace, purpose, and inspiration in your life.

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