Ep 14: 7 Scriptures for Over thinkers

In this episode, I speak directly to the over thinkers, over analyzers, anxiety bearers, procrastinators and those who truly can’t get out of their head. Truthfully, I am speaking directly to my self in all transparency!!

Today, I get truly transparent with my own troubles with overthinking  and provide a solution by offering 7 scriptures that will allow you to speak directly to the overthinking. May you get your peace, freedom, and happiness back today. TODAY, ok?

If you ever go through any struggles, trails, tribulations….or simply want to stay grounded and near Christ- find scriptures that can motivate you and  be a guide for any area of your life.

Scriptures for Overthinking: 
#1 Exodus 14:14
#2 Matthew 11:28-30
#3  1 Peter 5:7
#4 John 14:27
#5 Matthew 6:25
#6 Psalm 23:4
#7 Proverbs 3:5-6

Be encouraged as you take your thoughts captive!

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