Ep 31: I Was Ready to Quit: My Husband Reminded Me of God’s Promises

Have you ever worked so hard towards something and you feel like it’s best to throw in the towel after years of trying? Well this happened to me this week during my entrepreneurial journey when I just didn’t think I was cut out to be a business owner.

This in fact was not true as I encountered a moment of defeat that I refused to let define my entire journey. The enemy knows that you are one step closer to your blessings, purpose, impact and breakthrough- therefore the attacks of imposter syndrome and fear is the heaviest when you are indeed the closest to God’s promises.

We are not throwing in the towel today, okay? We are not giving up. We will instead RISE with all power knowing that God is with us! Whatever you do……..DON’T QUIT!!! You are closer than you think…..

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