Ep 37: From Strangers to Soulmates: Growing in Marriage with Matt & Christian Aaron

In today’s episode, we will be discussing the importance of communication, growth and servanthood in a marriage. We’ll share some personal stories about times when we struggled with communication and how we learned to overcome those challenges.

We do believe that God has called us to help other couples, and whether married for 3 days or 30 years- with God, wisdom and insight is possible at any stage! We dont have it all together, Lord knows we don’t- but we have worked SO HARD to be where we are today and truly beleive that God has blessed our efforts mightily!

We’ll also provide practical tips and strategies on how to improve your connection in your marriage or dating, such as active listening, speaking honestly and openly, and avoiding negative patterns.

We believe that growth, humility and intentionality is the foundation of a healthy and happy marriage, and we’re excited to share our insights and experiences with our listeners.

We hope you find our experiences helpful and we look forward to sharing more with you in future episodes.


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