Ep 9: Balancing the Many Roles of a Being a Woman with Keelay Carter

Sis, how do we do all that we do?

Ladies, in a given 24 hours, some people can’t even comprehend how you are able to achieve all that you have to do. There are so many roles that we have to uphold as women and though it may bring joy- it can sometimes be overbearing. Truthfully! Sometimes you simply are drained or discouraged sometimes both at the same time.
In this Episode, Keelay Carter,  wife, mother, CEO, full time worker and entrepreneur speaks about her journey and how she is able to live into her purpose. She reminds us to embrace our story and flaws and use this to fuel all that we desire to get done. Through her journey of going to therapy, using her obstacles as a stepping stone, and embracing her imperfections- she has inspired thousands of women around the world through her lifestyle brand for women.
When using the term “balancing”, please note that it differs because no one day looks alike. However, one thing that is in our control is how we choose to show up in the world and may the many listeners today be inspired to live a limitless mindset. Ladies, take a moment to breathe and acknowledge that we are doing many things, great things, and that there are women all over the world who encourage you as you continue to RISE!
Our Guest: Keelay Carter
Our Host: Christian B. Aaron
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