Ep 10: Navigating Singleness with Jennifer Trotter

No matter the relationship status, this episode is for you. Specifically to my singles, may you be encouraged in your singleness to maximize and navigate this season with a fresh perspective. Today’s guest is Jennifer Trotter who is a pioneer in the single’s space- hosting conferences, workshops, small groups and motivational speaking for singles. In this episode we break down the diversity of singleness, ways to become your best self, navigating seasons of isolation, and setting boundaries. There were truly so many gems that were dropped on wholeness and healing, not living “raggedy lives”, accomplishing your bucket list and trusting the timeline of God. Ladies, I authored a book called, “Single is not a Sin” and would highly encourage you to add this book to your daily reading! Feel free to purchase on my site at www.risewithchristian.com. Let’s stay connected: Christian B. Aaron www.risewithchristian.com IG: @risingwithchristian    @risingwithchristianpodcast Jennifer Trotter IG: @ladyinspiration

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