Ep 12: Manifesting Things in Your Life by Writing it Down with Christian Aaron

Want to get unstuck or see things happen in your life? This is the episode for you. Today I discuss how  you will be able to walk into things within your life by simply having faith and writing it down. There is power in writing down your vision both physically, scientifically and spiritually. TRUST ME!!! I’m a walking testimony.

As I sat in the beauty of Cartagena, Columbia  while recording this episode, I shared how traveling was on my list and how this was truly over flowing in my life and I personally believe that it was because I wrote it down.  There is truly power in your words, power in what you write down, power in your faith and power in believing for more in your life.

When was the last time you wrote, revised or revisited your life vision?
Were you playing things too small?
Does that vision fit with where you currently are?

It’s time to stop insulting God with our small prayer requests and to go BIG in your asking!

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