Ep 11: Our First 500 Days of Marriage with Matt Aaron

Today, I get very transparent with my husband as we discuss our first 500 days of marriage. Now we are no experts, and I don’t know if couples ever become an “expert” due to the constant shifts within and from society. However, we are sharing our learnings and what has worked for us in the hopes of motivating others in their marriage or courtship. To take some nuggets or to simply have a conversation expression what indeed works for you and your spouse or partner.

I never understood why those who were married spoke so negatively of it (if they were indeed married to the person God called them to). They would lead with how hard it was before discussing the many ways it was fruitful. They would tell me of the many horror stories before they shared how fruitful it was…and truthfully RISERS it was disheartening. So I learned my lesson that MY marriage would be what WE decided it to be and through effective communication, learning from bumps and seeking wise counsel…we stand before you confident and healthy knowing that God has has placed the ministry of marriage before us.

We are sooooo intentional from the moment we wake and we pray this episode and even our marriage is a blessing to others.

We mentioned a devotional book that we read during the week together that is so spot on, please find it’s name below.

Devotional: The 100 Most Important Bible Verses Every Leader Must Know by Jay Payleitner

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