Ep 18: Beauty, Fashion, and Entrepreneurship with Jame Jackson

Ep 18: Beauty, Fashion, and Entrepreneurship with Jame Jackson

Our guest today, Jame’ Jackson, is an award-winning fashion and beauty brand who amplifies and tells the story of the black and brown. She is a beauty activist, blogger, culture commentator, and media personality. She has been featured on platforms such as Buzzfeed, Yahoo, CNN, Teen Vogue and so much more.

Today we talk about Beauty, Fashion, and Entrepreneurship and how they all intersect. It’s not about wearing designer or the most expensive things, but instead all about embracing who you are and how you desire to show up. Today, we talk about how embracing personal fashion affects one’s mental health, command a room, and speak on your behalf- while all having fun.

Need a few tips for the season or want to know how to make a statement on a budget? This episode is for you!

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Our guest:

Jame’ Jackson



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