Ep 6: My Ride Share Scare: My Driver Changed my Drop off Location

True story, 2 weeks ago I almost reached a destination that I had not put into the app.

As women in this society, we are constantly having to look over our shoulders. My most recent ride share experience scared me beyond words, leaving me to try to figure out how I put in one destination for the ride and ended up at another. Quite frankly, there were so many red flags that I overlooked, giving the driver the benefit of the doubt but I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me to leave the car before the ride ended.

Ladies, in this episode I will share the flags that I witnessed, tips of how to maintain safety, and resources that will help others who may be in need. Truthfully, kidnapping and sex trafficking is at an all time high in the US and as women we must stick together to share our experiences, wisdom and resources so that we can RISE in safety together.

This episode is not to belittle the greatness of ride shares but to express the mere reality of exercising safety as women, no matter the location. Please listen intently with an open heart, a prayerful spirit and a fearless posture. This story is true and factual and  I pray that it yields more safety for other women throughout the world.

Please share the hand signals for violence:

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