Ep 7: Using Prayer as Personal and Professional Strategy with Kristen Ward

Today, we are talking about prayer…..

Truthfully, I launched my podcast because I attended today’s guest “Pray for your Business Challenge.” Whether you are a mom, a CEO, an employee, or a visionary you need to understand how to tap into your prayer life! In today’s episode, we talk about how prayer can be used as a strategy. If you are ready to elevate your life, walk in faith and be introduced to all that God has for you- prayer is often times that missing key.

As a professional in corporate America, Kristen found many ways to excel and spread her joy and light as a believer and prayer warrior. Kristen is a certified life coach, small groups leader, Founder and CEO of her business, and a Certified Business Strategist. She truly is on fire in her faith and also in her entrepreneurship and discuss the many ways of how she merges the two together daily.

For my entrepreneurs- this episode is for you because often times we live by our business plan or financial goals- but you can also clarity, insight and favor when you pray.
For my dreamers, this episode is for you, because a dream may never come into fruition absent of prayer.
For my ladies who may be dissatisfied in an area of your life, pray on it.
Prayer truly can be a strategy to hear, do and become more in your life!

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Our Host:
Christian B. Aaron
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Our Guest:
Kristen Ward
IG: @iamkristenward
website: @iamkristenward

Thanks so much for tuning in! Have an amazing week and don’t forget to RISE!

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