Ep 1: Done is Better than Perfect

Welcome to my very first episode on the RISING with Christian podcast!

In this episode we tear down the shackles of perfection and embrace the now. There are too many talented, gifted and purposed women who let overthinking and perfectionism get in the way. This episode encourage sisters to just get it done, not perfect!! In this world, women give so much of themselves to others, but what has God placed on the inside of you? Let’s get it done, okay? It doesn’t have to be perfect.
As I recorded this episode, I was days away from my wedding and truly was in the midst of a whirlwind of events. Despite this reality, I understood that I still needed to push through and finish the dream that was birthed inside of me, this podcast that you are listening to. May this serve as encouragement for you to follow through on your goals and desires despite the choas of this world.
May you be reminded that as long as you get it done, it doesn’t have to be perfect. 

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