Ep 2: Mastering Your Fullest Potential

Are you ready to master your FULLEST POTENTIAL?

Today we have Tina Bonner, Peak Performance Coach, who talks about what it means to Master Your Fullest Potential! Have you ever wondered what your fullest capacity is and what it will take to get you there? This is indeed the episode for you!

After a visit to the hospital room one day, Tina realized that her stress levels and need to always be on the grind, had a lasting affect on her health and mindset. With a renewed appreciation for a holistic approach led my mindset  changes, she has been able to tap into the factors of motivation for so many people around the world.

Ladies, this episode is for you because you know that we have super woman syndrome and without self awareness we can truly find ourselves slipping into unhealthy places. Let’s get motivated the right way as you gain tips to overcome procrastination and tap into all that you were created to be!!

Christian B. Aaron
Website: www.risingwithchristian.com
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Tina Bonner
Website: www.tinabonner.com
IG: @tinabonnerlive

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