Ep 3: Sis, You Don’t Have to Cook Tonight

Today, I am about to free somebody!!

Sis, have you ever had guilt, shame, and a sense of being less than a woman because you were not able to complete a particular task? Well, I can relate because this is exactly how I felt when I was not able to prepare 3 meals a day. I don’t know where this unrealistic expectation came- but truthfully  I placed it on myself and thank goodness that I have been liberated.

In this episode, I call out  not only cooking- but those tasks that brings us shame or a feeling of being less than when we do not complete them. I want you to show grace to yourself in your daily life because honestly and truthfully you are doing the very best you can! If you are ready to be free, please raise your hand!

Listen intently as I provide 5 options that you can rely on to make cooking easier. To my boss women, those who are tired, or truthfully those who don’t know where to start in the kitchen- please listen!

AGAIN, this episode is not just for the kitchen, but to address any standards that we have placed on ourselves as women. Let’s be free today, together!!!


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What tips do you have for cooking? Feel free to reach out so that I can share with my other RISERS! I love you and you got this ok?

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